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This app doesnt make sense. I cant tell if Im making a shopping list, or a list to make a shopping list from. Very counterintuitive. Its not clear how the separate store entries work; if I wanted "save money", Id have to go to several different stores and log the price of, say, 3 apples? I dont think thatll work for most people. I was hoping for something where I could make a grocery list and log the prices as I go. Thats it. I dont think there is an app that does this...

Really dumb.

You have to enter the prices at different stores for each item yourself-- and then the app I guess reminds you which store has the lower price... Brilliant!


Im a super-organized, analytic-studying, coupon-cutting, budget-mindful, deal-seeking shopper. I sometimes go overboard. I track EVERYTHING and for some reason I always felt the time investment of comparing prices from grocery stores would be too complicated for the payoff. I do value my time more than some things. This app just revolutionized my grocery shopping. Not only does it let me reference the best prices IVE found, but it shows me the savings if I opt to go to 1,2,3 or 4 stores. Holy moly! I am shopping with this from now on!


Its easy to use, though the reason I gave it 4/5 was because the user interface could be a bit easier (maybe another screen or button for your current shopping list? or a search?) Anyway... yes you have to put in your own prices. Of course you do, there isnt a way to tap into the thousands of store databases! I already upgraded to pro (which gives you unlimited list capacity and the ability to add more stores). It does take a while to add your own prices but you can do it over a while as you shop and need things. Im a fan.


It constantly asks to update. Before I could finish my list it said I had to update in order to add more. If you have more than 20 items on your list usually just save your self the energy.

Has potential

I really like a lot of things about this app. Its easy and uncluttered. Unfortunately, without a search option, theres not much I can do with this. If I want to add something to my shopping list, I dont want to look through hundreds of items to find the few things I need. Or if Im at a store and see something on sale, I might wonder if thats a good stock-up price or if I should wait. But again, I dont want to spend a lot of time at the store looking through a long list to find that item. Put a search option on it and Ill purchase the upgrade...

Unfortunately not was I was looking for

I thought the app got the prices from the different big stores like Ralphs, walmart, vins etc etc. Nothing smart about this app. The fact that you have to spent hours and hours adding stores and prices, and prices changes all the time. This app would be genius if it got the prices from the stores. now, its an app thats genius at adding even more work to your day.

I agree - it has potential

Overall, this app is a great concept & would truly be genius with some enhancements. It does help me save $ but its time consuming to set up & use. Like another reviewer, Id love a search tool as well. Id also love the ability to categorize items & group/sort the list by dept or aisle. All the items I add are in one giant list, in alphabetical order and you cant change the grouping or sorting. I found that uppercase & lowercase letters arent recognized as being the same letter either. So, I basically have to enter things like this if I want to see them listed together & have a list thats somewhat easy to search: "Bakery - Bread - White" & "Bakery - Bread - Wheat". If any first letter is lowercase, the item is listed out of order. That makes it cumbersome to set up a list & search through it to update items or mark what I want to purchase. Id really prefer it had department & category features so I can group things together, for example, by "Bakery" dept, then categories "Bread - White" or "Bread - Wheat" or "Dinner Rolls" or "Desserts", then see the items sorted by the actual item description "Pepperidge Farm" or "Store brand" or "Cupcakes" or "Cheesecake", etc., so I can do a true price compare & quickly create a shopping list. It would also be really great if it could connect & give you the current local price. Ive entered common items, such as "Dairy - Tropicana - Trop 50" and added the price from multiple big box stores. When I added it, it was cheapest at Store A. A couple weeks later, it went on sale at Store B which made it cheapest there, but the app had me buy it at Store A because it was cheaper at Store A when I first added the item & hadnt updated it because I didnt know it was on sale at Store B. I dont have time to run to every store every week & update prices on everything, then go back to the store that had it cheaper this week vs last week. Another thing that could be better is the "quantity". For ex, some paper towels are priced by the # sheets per roll. Lets say theres 12 rolls/pkg for 2 different brands & theyre both $12/pkg, or $1.00/roll. If Brand A has 100 sheets/roll & Brand B has 90 sheets/roll, Brand A is actually cheaper based on #sheets/roll. There are quantity options like quart, ounce, box, package, but none really work for the "# sheets per roll" & there isnt any way to enter custom quantities so you have to use a generic quantity such as "package" or "box" and then calculate the price differently so you get the true cost per package. It gets even more confusing if the #rolls/pkg and #sheets/pkg is different between the various brands. Its difficult to remember how I calculated the qty which makes it confusing to know whats truly cheaper. This app is a great concept & works ok. For now, Ill keep using it until the developers enhance it or something better comes out.

Nice interface, great concept

Please make the App calculate the price per unit For comparing between stores. Also add coupons and sales that can be turned off and on.

Waste of time

I figured it would have a search option that would find the best local prices, but instead it wants you to manually add prices for each item, from each store. Thats dumb, my time is worth more than I would even save. Haha

Wont let you add more than three stores unless you purchase & upgrade app.

Started using this app and after entering three stores it prompted me to purchase the app and upgraded if I wanted to continue using it. Total waste of my time. A con to get people to purchase their app.

Potential but lack a lot

I love the picking the lowest priced item feature, easy to know which store we should go for shopping the specific products. However, it does lack of backup/ restore feature. The program could be improved a bit more elaborate like "Shopping Pro" app from Quinn Genzel. It would be amazing if this and that apps features were combined!!!!

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