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Grocery Genius - Save on Your Groceries app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 9952 ratings )
Productivity Food & Drink
Developer: Ferocious Apps
Current version: 1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Aug 2012
App size: 9.03 Mb

Grocery Genius is a smart shopping list that saves you money. Grocery Genius plans your shopping trip and tells you which items to buy at each store to maximize your savings. If you only have time to shop at one store, Grocery Genius will tell you which one will save you the most money.

Keep track of the groceries you need, and save with every item you check off your list. Grocery Genius lets you specify your favorite local stores and enter the prices of items you purchase. When youre done shopping, Grocery Genius will remember any items you didnt acquire.

Organized, easy to use and highly useful, Grocery Genius will deliver real savings.

• Saves you money!
• Keeps track of your shopping needs
• Organized and easy-to-use
• Remembers your preferred store
• Calculates total trip cost
• Calculates total trip savings
• Option to customize stores to visit
• Share your shopping list via email
• Currencies: $, £, €, Fr, R$, R

Use Grocery Genius for other shopping needs, such as cosmetics and electronics — anything you buy repeatedly that costs different amounts at different stores.

The more prices you enter, the more you save, so grab your receipts! It will require some effort to enter pricing information the first time you use Grocery Genius but this information will be used to save you money every time you shop.

Happy savings!

Latest reviews of Grocery Genius - Save on Your Groceries app for iPhone and iPad

This app doesnt make sense. I cant tell if Im making a shopping list, or a list to make a shopping list from. Very counterintuitive. Its not clear how the separate store entries work; if I wanted "save money", Id have to go to several different stores and log the price of, say, 3 apples? I dont think thatll work for most people. I was hoping for something where I could make a grocery list and log the prices as I go. Thats it. I dont think there is an app that does this...
Really dumb.
You have to enter the prices at different stores for each item yourself-- and then the app I guess reminds you which store has the lower price... Brilliant!
Im a super-organized, analytic-studying, coupon-cutting, budget-mindful, deal-seeking shopper. I sometimes go overboard. I track EVERYTHING and for some reason I always felt the time investment of comparing prices from grocery stores would be too complicated for the payoff. I do value my time more than some things. This app just revolutionized my grocery shopping. Not only does it let me reference the best prices IVE found, but it shows me the savings if I opt to go to 1,2,3 or 4 stores. Holy moly! I am shopping with this from now on!
Its easy to use, though the reason I gave it 4/5 was because the user interface could be a bit easier (maybe another screen or button for your current shopping list? or a search?) Anyway... yes you have to put in your own prices. Of course you do, there isnt a way to tap into the thousands of store databases! I already upgraded to pro (which gives you unlimited list capacity and the ability to add more stores). It does take a while to add your own prices but you can do it over a while as you shop and need things. Im a fan.
It constantly asks to update. Before I could finish my list it said I had to update in order to add more. If you have more than 20 items on your list usually just save your self the energy.
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